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Gracie Gato is a Los Angeles native. She moved to New Hampshire, ran for State Representative and found more corruption than she ever dreamed possible. Ready to make a difference, she teamed up with others who have felt the wrath of the dark side of this state and became a production company.



George Hamblen is a native to MA. A local resident of New Hampshire. 

  • I.T. Executive- George has been an I.T. executive for over 20 + years. 
  • Politics- He has been a mainstay in the Democratic circles in New Hampshire. He has a healthy instagram portfolio of every politician who’s ever come to the Granite State. 
  • Story Consultation- George is a story-teller by nature and an asset to the team.

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We are a movie production Company based out of Los Angeles, CA and New Hampshire. This movie project started out, after Grace Gato tried to get a Campaign bank account at Bank of New England and got denied. It was blatant racism. Behold! She met a soon to be business partner, George Hamblen. Their first collaboration was to see if he could get a Campaign bank account, after she was under investigation for 2 weeks. He got his in 24 hours. The bank had said this was due to changes in the bank. They both called the banks bluff. They soon started to collaborate on this movie project.




Our Mission


Our goal is to bring the American public together after generational divisiveness. Divide and conquer. Seeing behind the veil of how politics works in the U.S. A behind the scenes on how lobbyists and special interest groups work, and how politicians benefit. How the American Public is duped on either camp. Two party systems do not work for this reason. 


Case in point, we are zeroing in on the State of New Hampshire. First in the nation. NH picks future presidents. This slow placed state seems to have tentacles that reach deep corruption and high powered individuals who run this State and have great influence on legislative bill models that affect the rest of the U.S.


This docuseries is an attempt to mend us. To engage the audience. Make them do some critical thinking, that myself and others involved in this research had to come to terms with. What belief system do you belong to? Will you be part of the solution? Why does it have to be this way? We don’t have to be enslaved anymore. Let’s push for ethics and accountability. They have been getting away with this for generations. We are now in the 21st Century where there are digital footprints everywhere on everything you do. This docuseries has spent years on this project. We have gathered enough evidence to enlighten the American people on the corruption and how to stop it.


We want to bring the truth to light, to inspire a new train of thought. This docuseries is a class room for Americans. The wake up call that may come as a swift slap in the face for some. It is honesty, holding up a mirror to see what we really look like. Ten solid Episodes. Ten separate stories that segue into each other. How these cast of characters are recurring in each story.

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” – MLK Jr.


Upcoming Event Schedule

Matt Connarton radio show


4pm – 6pm



Our first fundraiser to raise money for the docuseries completion. Gracie Gato will be on the Matt Connarton show on Wed, June 1st 2022.





“Artists are here to disturb the peace.” James Baldwin


This is the skinny. We had meetings with a serious film financier. We were in final stages of negotiations when a New Hampshire lawyer threw a monkey wrench in our deal. Which ended up falling through. We are talking half a million dollars for the full production. GONE. 


This is where you come in. This is a story about Americans for Americans. We are non partisan. We will not slant slightly right or slightly left. In fact, we are steering clear of anything too far left or right. Qanon stories will NOT be used at all. We are not funded by any politicians whatsoever. We want to open the Venture Capital meetings to the Public. Why should all the rich people have all the fun right? This is OUR story. Stories of real New Hampshirites who have had been victim of this state, who are coming forward. The end result will be national visibility to what is going on here. How these laws that get passed are being focused grouped by this State. 

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Tiered Structure donations

We have a tiered structured donation for those of you who wish to help the cause. 

  1. $100.00 – Thank you note and direct access to the Director.
  2. $500.00 Access to the Director, first screening of each episode we produce before it goes public.
  3. 10,000.00 or more gives you an credit. Film Credit, and first viewing access along with accountability of the filmmakers. Deadline meetings via Zoom. 

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