It’s been a long time since we talked.  I had forgotten about your existence til I saw you stalking my linkedin page. Screenshot attached.
I stumbled upon your latest article and it seems you have a lot of vitriol for yours truly. I have been quite busy since we last spoke. There are a lot of errors and misinformation in that latest blog post you posted. 
Here are the facts:
The docuseries I’m working on has a team. It’s not just the faces you see on the website. A lot of our research team is unnamed for a reason. The team is of mixed political affiliations. Working with both Democrats and Republicans. I have talked in depth with Jim Kolfalt, Betty Gay and Susan Homola about family court reform. Former Republican state reps as well as democratic state reps. We really are a mixed bag. I have talked to Mike Gill and the research part of the docuseries has been a life changer for me personally on all fronts. People do change, Skip. The Democrats you mentioned who don’t like me, is probably because they are not good people and I called them out for being what they are. I’m no longer associated with that group. I have since become independent over the past 2 years. I have been researching and fact checking the players in this state. It’s not pretty what I found. 
I left the Democratic Party because I found hypocrisy. Your blog is supposed to support independent voices. What gives? Especially one who came from the West and is a newcomer to the East. I come with a completely different background and watching, observing like this is a national geographic show. 
I’m surprised to hear how sore you are, considering the fact I actually said some good things about GraniteGrok on the air with Matt Connarton, on his show on Manchester Radio. I did say Steve MacDonald has been right about the NHCADSV and Amanda Grady Sexton. We have a whole episode dedicated to that lot. 
We did have a very right wing film financier who was moving forward with the budget we had in mind for the creation of this series. I can’t give a name but he is a native of New Hampshire who liked what we are up to, and wanted to be a part of it. We secured a 575k budget. Then came the dreaded divorce case that was working parallel to this docuseries creation. My ex husband’s attorney sent an email to verify my income. When he got some bad mouthing from the film financiers associate, the attorney called in a favor to Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department and showed up at a very odd and late hour to give her a subpoena to find out more about this series and the cash flow. Mind you, they did it in my name when I had nothing to do with it. (for which nobody has been able to provide any kind of proper explanation. ) This was my ex husband’s attorney who torpedoed this deal. 
The film financier then backed out of the project. The Sheriff’s department scared the beegeezus out of the film financiers associate. No good news comes from a cop at your front door at 9pm. 
So – back to the drawing board. Right now we are currently holding meetings with possible Venture Capitalists who are interested in the project. Along with the kickstarter fundraising project you mentioned in your article. I had fallen ill, 1.00 was raised. (Thanks for posting that.).  However, we had plans to work the media circuit to fundraise. However, we haven’t done that yet. We did receive a 10,000 donation since the time you posted that article. I must say it was quite mean spirited. Considering all of the moving parts of a production company, you make it sound as if kickstarter was my last hope. You would be wrong, Skippy. We do plan and have strong ties to Hollywood, and steaming services. I even have my agent who believes in me on board on this project, and she has become quite involved in the every day research portion of this docuseries. 
You keep mentioning names like Jan Schimdt and Deb Stevens. To tell you the truth. I honestly don’t hang with those women. We maybe went to one or two Democratic meetings when I was running for State Rep, but other than that I don’t know them. I am very close to a Republican lawyer by the name of Robin Partello. The one who blew the whistle on Judge introcaso/ Kathleen Sternenberg. (Episode 6) I would go as far to say she is my best friend out here, and is like a sister to me. 
Also, you keep saying I’m playing victim? The bank of New England did happen 3 years ago, I believe and I do have the facts to support my claim that it was racism at work. I was rather blunt and loud about it because I never had this type of ‘in your face’ racism happen to me personally. It was a rude shock. I come to the realization with my background in television and film, I can use this as a platform to tell the truth about how this State is run. A mirror to hold up, to give us a look at what we really look like. Myself included. 
This film is a non partisan attempt to bring us together because we have more in common than we don’t. The powers that be, count on us to hate each other. Much like that article you wrote. That is the stuff that keeps us apart. Keeps us from not talking to each other on a human level. I think political parties divide us. That itself is unamerican.  
The divorce has made me a permanent resident of New Hampshire. You can thank my ex husband for that. Since we have 50-50 custody, I cannot leave this State. So, I’m making the best of it. I have a beautiful Colonial home, and a special needs son who requires a lot of my attention and care. My son is all I truly care about. His well-being and growth. Autism is rough on a 6 year old, who is also going through this divorce. It is very emotional and when you write stuff like that, it is only going to live on the internet forever, and he gets to read it. Think about how your actions affect other people. 
 SO – That’s what I have been up to. After reading that last article, you make me sound like I’m foaming at the mouth pointing fingers and taking no accountability for what’s going on in my personal life. Perhaps you should ask questions before posting such an article that sounds very machismo. I’m only here for my son. I had some very bad feelings about New Hampshire because of my family, friends, co-workers in all industries, most importantly my very sick, elderly mother who is getting sicker by the day and we are torn apart. Luckily, she has decided to leave Los Angeles, to come live with me in New Hampshire so I have some family other than my son. 
I ask you this Skip. Before you try to spin a story to make it fit your narrative and call people names like narcissistic or whatever. Try asking probing questions to that person. They may surprise you. We are all going through something. I’m definitely not playing victim as you say, I’m a survivor. Always have been. I’m not a Democrat at all. They make them different out here. It took awhile to see it. I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true.
So, there you go. I spilled SOME of the beans. I know you’ll probably spin this into some sort of tabloid trash and hit POST. I throw my hands up. It doesn’t hurt if it’s not true. 
Good day,





Hope Smith