Metoo by Anonymous.

Amber Heard and her team have chosen to go on TV with NBC Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie and ABC’s George Stephanopolous.
It smacks of a last-ditch attempt to garner public sympathy and to sway judicial outcome before appeals.  The Main-Stream Media, for the last decade, has pushed a narrative about sexual abuse and domestic violence
that is fundamentally flawed. Embracing manicured statistics that ignore abuse of males and underestimate the rates of false or coerced accusations.

It’s disappointing to see Savannah Guthrie and George Stephanopolous
complicit in the lie, even if they appear to challenge Amber Heard. These interviews are rehearsed. The questions asked in advance. They are organized by PR specialists. In this case, I suspect Government PR crisis
messaging specialists are involved as well.

This isn’t just about Amber Heard. There’s a narrative for the ACLU, Know Your IX, UNWomen, L’Oreal and the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights Title IX agenda to protect as well.
The Today Show was slipped a lawsuit against St Paul’s School New Hampshire in June 2016 in the wake of the sensationalized criminal sexual assault trial of Owen Labrie in August 2015. Labrie, a Harry Potter look-
alike from “elite” St. Paul’s School, was an 18-year-old scholarship student who should have gone to Harvard on a full ride. Instead, he became the poster boy of a high school rapist for Obama’s White House Task Force
against campus sexual assault. Johnny Depp became the face of a domestic abuser in June 2016 when Amber Heard appeared with bruises on her face in People Magazine.

One month later, in July 2016, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH-D), introduced a Victim’s Bill of Rights. There was barely a mention of the abuse of males.  As we now know, but didn’t then, Johnny Depp was a victim of Amber Heard’s violence. Owen Labrie had been a victim of his accuser’s sister’s violence.

In August 2016, Savannah Guthrie interviewed Owen Labrie’s accuser, who had been an anonymous 15-year-old, Miss X. In a carefully orchestrated publicity stunt, Miss X made her public figure debut as Chessy Prout. She announced #IHaveTheRightTo campaign and became the face of the “young survivor” of high school campus sexual assault.  

Like Amber Heard, Chessy Prout and her team of attorneys, victims rights advocates and publicists, used the interview strategically. Not just to reinvent the narrative and discredit the jury (Owen Labrie was acquitted of felony sexual assault) but to influence an upcoming retrial hearing for ineffective counsel and his appeals. It was also used to leverage the civil suit against St Paul’s School, painting St Paul’s in false light.
Steven D Silverman Esq, one of Chessy’s attorney’s had his DC Bar license suspended in 2014 (according to St Paul’s School’s response the the civil suit) for using media to influence judicial outcome in another case
(Doe v Cabrera).

Is Elaine Bredehoft risking the same by going on this tour with her client, Amber Heard, when appeals are pending? Amber Heard uses the same phrases as Chessy Prout. “Truth to Power” being one of their go-to terms.  Chessy Prout was asked about this newfound language under cross examination during the criminal trial.
Have they been trained, given a script by victims advocates who stand to gain from the a certain narrative? Yes. And if they drink the Coolaid they are rewarded with branding tie ins, lucrative book deals, TV appearances, celebrity events. Amber Heard and Chessy Prout were recruited as lobbyists, using media to dupe the public with false stories which continue to become ever more fantastical with each telling.

They are both “ambassadors” connected to a tight incestuous network of non-profits. Poke a little though and you find these non-profits fall apart under scrutiny.  Chessy was an ambassador for “PAVE” which has been accused of using DaisyColeman (“Audrie & Daisy” Netflix Documentary about teen rape) to profiteer off her life and death.  She is also an ambassador for Vital Voices,
a non-profit founded by Hillary Clinton. Amber Heard was a VIP guest to a Vital Voices event in London in 2018. They have been given similar talking points – against Brett Kavanaugh, against Donald Trump, against the
“patriarchy”. They’ve both been advocates for #BelieveWomen and #MeToo pushed by Times Up which fell apart after its support of Andrew Cuomo against his accusers.

Amber Heard credited Stanford Law Professor Michele Dauber for her work in the #MeToo and #Survivor Movement.   Michele Dauber was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton and founded the Enough Voter Movement for which Amber Heard campaigned. She accepted an award for “Emily Doe”,the “victim” of Stanford “rapist” Brock Turner. Amber Heard stood by her side as they read the powerful victim impact statement in November 2016. But who wrote the victim impact statement? Reports are that Michele Dauber wrote it herself.
Michele Dauber has lashed out at Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez with derogatory and misogynistic terms.

In July 2019, Michele Dauber took to social media along with several non-profits, members or associates of the White House Task Force of 2014, to block Amy Robach from airing an interview with Owen Labrie.  They called
for #Survivorsoverratings . They won. ABC didn’t air the show. They had succeeded in equating Owen Labrie to an Isis terrorist, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and they’d succeeded in stopping him from being able to
speak for himself.  

Times Up LDF and NWLC put up a media grant for the plaintiffs in a class action #MeToo suit (Rapuano & Does v Dartmouth College) which settled two weeks after Amy Robach’s interview with Owen Labrie got shut down.
The attorneys and the victims advocates involved in it were the same ones who had sued St. Paul’s School. The same ones who’d slipped the suit to NBC Today Show, partners of Steven D Silverman Esq.
The non-profit NHCADSV, a publicly funded non-profit that kicked off the social media campaign to block Amy Robach’s interview with Owen Labrie, were beneficiaries of the Dartmouth suit to the tune of what appears to be
$2.865 million.  Their IRS form 990 is opaque to say the least. 

No. This is about using the value of Johnny Depp’s name to promote an agenda. It was about using Owen Labrie’s face and name to promote the same agenda. To undermine the concept of innocent until proven guilty, due process and to feed a parasitical victim entrepreneurship industry that has contaminated our courts, our campuses, our police departments and our media.

The Department of Justice ceased funding “Start By Believing” training for sexual assault and domestic violence last year. It’s time the Senate launch an inquiry into what’s been going on behind the “ambassadorship”
recruitment program and the political framing of Johnny Depp, Brock Turner, Owen Labrie and many others.


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